So, you’ve decided to try out this crazy and not so new phenomenon called online casino now, and you are completely lost and have genuinely no idea where to start?

Well you are definitely not alone.  Online casinos have long been considered a golden fountain, out of reach of many hands, and have divided people into three main groups. Players, non-players and non-players who are highly intrigued, but are a tiny bit afraid about the entire idea.

Looking at all the sides the world wide web truly has to offer, it’s quite understandable why anyone would be even slightly afraid on what it has to offer. The temptation is great, and potentially, the prize could be even greater. So, how do I get myself into that long and cumbersome journey? Well you are in good luck because we have just the perfect list here for you to get you started.

To start your journey, you need to find the best online casino for your needs. Only the top for the top, am I right?

Top Online Casinos With no Deposit

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The great mark of a top level online casino is a no deposit free chip bonus. Just a think about a no attachment, ‘here take a free gift from us’ kind of deal. Top online casinos with a no deposit bonus usually have great appreciation for their clients and are a great testament of casinos that aren’t just after your money and actually offer you a fair chance of getting all that dough into your pocket.

The second reason a top online casinos with a no deposit free chip bonus are an important place to start is pretty obvious. You never jump into a lake without checking the waters first.

Playing with a free chip no deposit bonus, is not just a no string attached bonus, but it also allows you to try your luck and check out the before actually committing with real money. The premise is pretty simple. Here, has some free money a try out a game or too before playing with money. It pretty clear that only top online casinos offer a no deposit bonus, as the casino itself has quite a bit on stake here. It is literally giving away free money, meaning they are pretty confident in their field and would like to invest in you as a client. Don’t fret! It’s actually a great sign and one of the best criteria on any list.

You want to make sure your casino is well established and trustworthy, and having a no deposit free chip bonus on your new player mark is quite possibly the best sign for that. If along your search you find online casinos that offer a great new player match bonus or free chip with deposit, it means that that specific online casino might not be as well established, confident or have any interest to invest in you as a client. That especially applies to online casinos who have been open for over a year, and should be more established by then.

Online Casinos With no Deposit

Trust should also be a two-way mirror. If you put your trust in a casino, it’s always a good idea to try it out first, and a casino that trusts a new player so much as bringing you a no deposit free chip bonus is a top online casino just for that. Not only do those casinos have a better base for customer service and support, but they also put their customer’s trust on a pedestal, and will usually go an extra mile to see that the customer will have the best experience they could offer, so never underestimate the power of a top online casino with a no deposit bonus.

After finally finding the best top online casino with no deposit for you, don’t forget to check their terms and condition and their customer support availability. Always opt for an online casino with a 24/7 customer support if available, and check contact option. It’s always a good sign if you can contact the casino by phone as well as live chat. You can never have too many open ears while choosing the best online casino for you.

And the most important thing is having fun. Once you’ve found the top best online casino with no deposit bonus, your worries should be set aside and the sky is the limit. Just have fun, and enjoy the ride.